Infinity Wing Drive


The development of this machine has taken place over the span of three decades.

Our goal is to develop it into a viable means of transportation, powered with a small electric or gas motor.


The original idea was born in 1972, after inventor and founder James Kelfer read an article about hang gliders, sparking an interest in light-weight technology for human flight. This was followed by years of conceptualizing different devices to recreate methods of wing movements used in nature. Ultimately, studies of high-speed photography of insect wings in flight drew him to the horizontal figure eight movement.

Kelfer was awarded a US patent on the design. The prototype is a basic mechanical device in its earliest stages of development. Consider it like the very first internal combustion engine, primitive compared to the engines in our cars today, however the basic design has not changed they still use pistons, cylinders, crankshafts and valves but have evolved in other ways. 

Horizontal figure eight movement

 Our first and only prototype is constructed of metal parts, hand made and fitted. 

What's Next

 The dozens of moving parts designed to move in synchronized harmony, need to be rebuilt to modern engineering standards, to reach the faster wing beats per minute needed for flight.